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Es Fangar is with more than 1000 hectares the largest biological farm on the Balearic Islands.
The entire Es Fangar Team works with utmost respect for this nature paradise. Throughout the
years we achieved a fine line of gourmet products and excellent wines.

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Find out more about each of our products, with a prestigious 100% biological and vegan label.
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Bee-o-logic & Organic Excellence

This two unique Es Fangar labels guarantee the highest biological and vegan standard.
Bee-o-Logic is the Es Fangar quality label dedicated to all bees worldwide. Bees are our little
diligent helpers and the guarantors for food worldwide. A homage to all bees!

Organic Excellence is the Es Fangar label for the highest biological standard of our products.
Means also, that we do not waste resources and we do not produce waste. This is the reason
why our vegan wines neither have an aluminum screw cap nor a plastic cap over the cork.
The Es Fangar quality labels ensure that the product was produced with utmost care for quality
and for preserving our precious natural environment.