//Almond Oil 100ml

Almond Oil 100ml

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“The jewel for skin care”

This is the only product modern and stylish people need for their skin. Use the 100% natural Es Fangar Almond Oil after a shower – and experience the velvet feeling on your skin. No chemicals – no stabilizers – nothing that harms your sensitive skin – but pure nature!



The Es Fangar Almond Oil is 100% produced from organic Almonds. The trees are carfully treated and are located in mixed cultivation with other different kind of trees. Our own bees are pollinating the almond blossoms. We have our own almond oil press. The working process with the almonds from the tree until the pure oil in the bottles is very careful in order to ensure excellent quality.

– 100% organic, bio & vegan
– mixed cultivation
– bee friendly
– bird friendly
– glass bottle

Es Fangar Almond Team = Bees, Almond Trees & Humans together in one Team!

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