//“Flores de Oliva” Serrana & Villalonga 250ml

“Flores de Oliva” Serrana & Villalonga 250ml

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Extra virgin 100% ecological oil from Mallorca. Low in acidity, this autochthonous variety brings a fruity but less bitter and spicy taste. Which still preserves the authenticity of a Mediterranean lingering flavor in the mouth.



The variety Serrana & Villalonga, lower in acidity, makes a slightly less bitter and spicy extra virgin oil. Which still preserves the authenticity of a Mediterranean taste, with lingering flavor in the mouth. The aroma is intensely fruity. You can appreciate scents of freshly cut grass, almond or apple. The combination of these two varieties make a one of a kind oil, tasty and pleasant to the palate. Suitable to combine with any type of food, raw or in stews, especially for the dressing of salads, vegetables and fish.

The olives from Serrana de Espadán bring to the oil a lighter aspect, as well as a fruity and fine flavor, reminiscent of freshly picked green olives and apples. Serrana selection is considered to delight because of its aroma of ripe truffles, figs and almonds. It is an autochthonous variety of the Spanish Sierras del Levante. The Serrana de Espadán variety is protected by the Denomination of Origin of Oil in Valencia, Spain. This has contributed making this oil reaching an outstanding level in international rankings.

The Villalonga olives are in this case an autochthonous variety from Italy, special due to their conditions requirements to grow. This variety can be found in many productions across the Mediterranean, however, its maximum splendor is not achieved at most of these locations. Villalonga olives require fertile soils and a considerable amount of water to grow at their full capacity and preserve their quality and unique taste. This olive is also known under several other nomenclatures, such as Forna, Manzanet, Manzanilla, Valenciana, Manzanel, Manzanella, Mançanet Gros, Llonguera, Espartosa and Orxana.

Professionals dedicatedly produce each of Es Fangar products, following a strict biological procedure to obtain the most natural and excellent output. This has helped the brand to achieve a reputation throughout Europe, as well as a well recognized eco label. The Finca harvests two different varieties of oils, both autochthonous from Spain. The reason why oils are sold to the client in cans is because of the pureness this gives to the oil itself. An opaque material like a can serves to preserve the properties of the oil. Avoiding its deterioration with oxygen and light from outside, common in glassed bottles. On the other hand, cans are more easily recyclable. This contributes to a sustainable system of consumption.

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