//Son P Red 0,75l

Son P Red 0,75l

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Kind, round, pleasant to taste and easy to drink!

The Son P is the simplified version of the Es Fangar classical reds. It is a very complete wine that invites to sip and sip and …. while leaving a trail of pleasure in your mouth.



VARIETIES: Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Manto Negro.

PRODUCTION: Red aged in wooden barrels for 8 months.

COLOUR: Beautiful red garnet colour, with deep pillory border. Medium high layer. Clean and bright.

AROMA: Medium high aromatic intensity with clear notes of ripe red fruit (strawberry, raspberry). Slight notes of fig jam. Herbaceous memories (pine, mediterranean alzina). Pleasant fragrances of animal (leather) and toasted (toasted almonds, burnt sugar) very well integrated. Harmonious, suggestive and subtle.

FLAVOUR: Dry and direct mouth attack that gives rise to a warm and fleshy mouth. Tannin present but elegant. It evokes again the ripe fruit and herbaceous memories (oak, forest). Clean spicy notes (nutmeg). End in a friendly mouth and a medium-long after-taste that invites to continue drinking.

Alcohol: 13%
Residual sugar: <0.20 g/l

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